A short-list of useful links



Computer Hardware

  • Track-ir – Head tracking devices
  • CH products – Affordable Flight control hardware
  • CyborgX – F.L.Y.5 portable flight stick from Saitek
  • VKB sim Joystick – Gladiator Mk.II, affordable high quality joystick

For X-plane

X-plane News and forum

X-plane Scenery

Payware add-on


For FSX – Microsoft Flight Simulator

News and forum

FSX Utilities

  • FSUIPC – By Peter Dowson, Fixes several bugs and connects to 3rd party software to FSX


FSX Aircraft add-ons

  • A2A Simulations – Aircraft add-ons, Accurate engine, systems and aerodynamics
  • Realair imulations – Aircraft add-ons, Accurate aerodynamics
  • PMDG – Airliner aircraft add-ons, Accurate In-depth systems simulation
  • Flight1 – Large collection of add-ons for all platforms
  • Project Tupolev – Free TU-154 add-on with Accurate In-depth systems simulation