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Hello and welcome at Flightinstructoronline!

The purpose of this website is to be a virtual flying school and aviation knowledge centre

How can this site be useful for you:

  • Student pilots
    If you are learning to fly, or you want to, this site gives you an idea of what to expect during the training course, and there after. Practicing at home can be a huge cost saver if you don’t need as many ‘extra lessons’ in the real aircraft. With a head start in knowledge and skills you are a big step closer to passing the licence check ride.
  • Private pilots
    It can be the cost, the limited free time or the weather, but most private pilots don’t fly as often as they want, and should. Skills are perishable and will faint away quietly. Here you can learn how to use a simulator as a useful tool to prepare for the next flying season.
  • Airline pilots
    As airline pilot we spent most of our time flying straight and level. Only twice a year we are sent to the sim centre where we have to sparkle like stars, or risk a bad review on our spotless training records. This page may help you getting up to speed using the simulator as a training tool, and be a little better prepared for the next LPC.
  • The flight simulator community
    People in this group often like to make their simulator experience ‘as real as it gets’. Part of it can be achieved by using high-quality software and hardware. But you still need the knowledge how to use it properly. The community has done much for me, this is what I can give in return. I hope you will enjoy it.


Although information on this website is based on actual flight-training standards, it is for your leisure, and only to supplement (not substitute) approved flight training.