ZIBO mod for X-plane B737-800

Install guide for the ZIBO mod, a realism enhancement for the Boeing B737-800 in X-plane 11

All credits to the authors of the ZIBO mod!

Download links Here

At the time of writing, 3.34 rc2.21 is the most up-to date version.

In Google drive, download the files:

If the download limit for the files is reached, save a copy of the file to your own google drive and download it from there.

Download the terrain display mod here

To install, go to your xplane install folder and find the default B737 folder:

X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Laminar Research\Boeing B737-800

Make a copy of the folder ‘Boeing B737-800’ and change the name to: ‘Boeing B737-800X‘ and place it in the X-Plane 11\Aircraft folder.

extract and override all files from:
B737-800X_3_34_rc2.0_full_win_mac.zip into the Boeing B737-800X folder
B738X_3_34_rc2.21_win_mac_lin.zip into the Boeing B737-800X folder

Sounds by audiobird are already included in this version and do not to be installed separately.

unzip de content of the TerrainRadar_1_15_1.zip to the aircraft plugin folder:
X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing B737-800X\plugins

Liveries can be found Here
To install a livery, extract the content of the zip file to:
X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing B737-800X\liveries

Start X-plane 11

On the tablet in the captain window, you can go to ‘Configure & Customize’ and set all your preferences.
If you are using hardware thrust levers, I can recommend selecting “A/T Engaged lock throttle”.
Once finished, click on the HOME button and click on the right side of the screen to go to page 2/2. Click on SAVE & LOAD configuration and save your settings for next time.

Hardware setup:

In the bottom of the joystick configuration screen, click the drop down menu next to Active Profile and select Save as a new profile. Name it ZIBO 737.

Recommended joystick buttons:

  • Pitch trim up and Pitch trim down
  • Left TO/GA
  • Left A/T Disengage
  • Captain A/P disengage

6 lever Throttle quadrant if you have one:

  • Throttle 1
  • Throttle 2
  • Reverse 1
  • Reverse 2
  • (unassigned)
  • nose wheel tiller


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