Ortho4xp work flow

Ortho4XP will allow you to add photo scenery to x-plane 10 or 11

Work flow for Ortho4XPv120b

  • It is free to use, with thanks to Oscar Pilote
  • Expect a slight FPS performance improvement
  • Overly detailed tiles will use much space on your HD


Updated download location for windows users: Here

original Download location here
Alternate download here

Extract the content to a convenient location.


Part 1

Start Ortho4XP_v120b.exe
located in \Ortho4XP-master\bin

Base source BI
Base zoomlevel 14

Custom overlay dir:
X:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/X-Plane 11/Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery

(don’t select the ‘Earth nav data’ folder)

Open Earth tile map (grey button at the top)

Shift-click all areas required a low-res base map
note: ~200mb per tile

select: Build mask and build overlay

Click: Batch Build

Monitor progress in main screen. Go and grab a coffee (or get some actual sleep!) this might take a while…


Once finished open the tiles folder

Each tile has a folder like: zOrtho4XP_+27-081

Select all folders (CTRL-A)

In an new window, open the X-plane 11 custom scenery folder
X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery

with the right mouse button, drag and drop the tile folders tot he custom scenery folder, and select ‘create shortcut here’

In the Ortho4XP main folder, find the folder yOrtho4XP_Overlays

Right-mouse drag and drop this folder also to the X-plane 11 custom scenery folder and select ‘create shortcut here’

Start X-plane 11 (the start up screen in enough)

In the X-plane 11 custom scenery folder, open the file scenery_packs.ini with notepad.

All the new scenery tiles are located on the top, they should be on the bottom, so select all Ortho scenery tiles, cut and past to the bottom of the file

Locate the entry for yOrtho4XP_Overlays/

Cut and paste this row directly above the /Global Airports/ entry


save and close scenery_packs.ini
restart X-plane 11

Go and have a look at the base scenery. If all is well you should see a fairly low-res photoreal ground texture, with overlaying airports, roads and autogen scenery.

This base scenery would look good for a cruise flight level above FL300.


Part 2

In the next step we are going to improve the texture quality for all places where you would fly lower, like directly around your airport or perhaps an area of interest for sight-seeing.

In the Ortho 4XP main screen:
Set Base source none.
Ensure Base zoom level is still at 14

Open Earth tile map, double click on the tile you wish to enhance. you should see a yellow selection around it.

Back to the main page, Open Choose custom zoom level

click preview

Select a zoom level under ‘zone params’, the colour indicates how heavy the texture is going to be on your system. I suggest zoom level 17 for a small area around the airport, and level 16 for a wider area around the airport. but that is up to you.

Press shift and left click in the map to add polygons to your selected area. when your zone is done press ‘save zone’ and you can see how much larger your tile is going to be in Gigabytes.

You can add other zones as you please. once finished, click save and exit.
In the Ortho4xp main screen, press ‘Write tile Cfg’.

repeat the process for any other tile.

When you have finished, open the Earth tile map

Hold shift and select the tiles you have edited. they should turn from marked blue to red.

Select: per tile config, use existing mesh, build masks and build overlays.

then Batch Build.

Observe the progress in the main screen, it shouldn’t take too long this time.. unless you went crazy with ultra-high res areas of course 🙂

That is it. Remember when you fly over an area and you are not happy with the zoom level, you can always edit the custom zoom level and re-render the tile.

I’d like to use this opportunity to to say my thanks to the developers of Ortho4XP!

Enjoy photo realistic scenery!


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