Antonov AN-24R in X-plane 11

This is an attempt  obtain a working version of the AN-24 in x-plane 11 and learn to fly it.


Forum post


Docs of Felis website


Day 1

Installed the AN-24 from github in Xplane 11. on loading, it sits with gear up on the runway. after selecting a start in the air (ILS approach is the best I can do with x-plane 11) the main gear comes down, the nose wheel collapses and remains in.

According to a form post, and in the description on various videos on youtube the latest version is available on VK social network.

Патч 2 для Ан24 все же выйдет в свет в эту пятницу! Ура! Подробности в нашей группе!
В основном изменения коснулись модели для X-Plane 11:
– Исправлены все коэффициенты двигателя

Patch 2 for An24 will still be released this Friday! Hooray! Details in our group!
In general, changes have touched the model for X-Plane 11:
– Fixed all engine factors

VK network profile:

I have made an account and requested membership of the x-plane closed group

Awaiting acceptance in the private group for now….

In the mean time, further research has lead me to this page:



English tutorial

With the help of the above tutorials, although they describe an older version of this software, I managed to go into the settings menu, switch the ‘real landing gear’ system off, do the ILS trick to extend the gear in free fall, and then return the aircraft on the tarmac. then it is even possible to return the hydraulic system to realistic.

реальное шасси ‘Realnye Chassi’

The bottom lower button that starts with “сохранить” means “save” to save the settings.

I will try to save in simple mode, so the next time the aircraft will load on its wheels.

The next challenge is to find how / or if / the panel gauges can be set to English, otherwise I am going to have a hard job translating everything 🙂


Next development, I have found the following version on
An-24 v.3.4 RC1 Xplane-11 only.rar
Still not the latest version, aparently a patch for aerodynamics is being tested. (post from august 17 (3 months ago)


day 2: result!

I have been accepted into the Laminar group in VK. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a look later today.






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